Beaumont Botanical Gardens

The Beaumont Botanical Gardens (BBG) shall advance the knowledge and appreciation of plants and environment in relation to personal and community education, well-being, and scientific knowledge. It shall conserve, preserve, display, and interpret native and adaptive flora and fauna of east Texas.

The Beaumont Botanical Gardens offer a diversified variety of thematic gardens and plants that flourish in the southeast Texas area. Because southeast Texas lies within the convergence of several ecological zones, the gardens offer local gardeners and the visiting public examples of garden landscape plantings that can be applied to many areas in the United States.

These gardens attract thousands of visitors annually because of its tranquility and beauty. Additionally, the Garden Center Building provides a meeting place for garden clubs, plant societies, and nature-oriented groups who are member of the BCGC. The Garden Center, grounds and the Warren Loose Conservatory are available for rental to the public.

Colleen Hartel
6088 Babe Zaharias Drive
Beaumont, Texas 77705
United States
(409) 842-3135