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Whether you are starting a new organization, looking for professional development, or are in need of a board retreat, the Center is here to help YOU!  We invite you to explore our website for more information about the Center and learn how we help connect nonprofits to success on our Programs and Services page.

Want to be a part of an important network of organizations, affiliates, and individuals who believe in the vitality of the Southeast Texas nonprofit sector? While you’re busy delivering direct service to some of Southeast Texas’ most vulnerable populations, the Center is here to take care of things for you – like being your go-to resource and referral partner; offering relevant, timely, and effective professional development; and facilitating networking and convening opportunities.

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Southeast Texas Nonprofit Development Center is your partner for today and for the future. We proudly offer extensive curriculum in nonprofit organization management to help nonprofit organizations build a strong foundation of operational and functional knowledge.

We offer resourceful information and assistance in:

  • Board Management
  • Financial Management and Legal
  • Fundraising and Philanthropy
  • Program Areas
  • Grant Writing
  • Legal Compliance
  • Workshops
  • And So Much More

Financial Resources:
Expertise and Insights

Our agency offers organizational assessments, event planning, board development, plus financial and management consulting services designed to strengthen your performance.

From grant applications and finding financial information to tips and advice for developing workshops, SETX Nonprofit Development Center is here to assist in your objectives.

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As a member of the Southeast Texas Nonprofit Development Center, you’ll benefit from a wealth of information and like-minded organizations and peers ready to help. With corporate sponsorships, fundraisers, and tools, the path to making growth and impact is always within reach.

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I have been a member of the Southeast Texas Nonprofit Development Center (Center) since 2008.  At that time, I had been the Executive Director of Stable-Spirit for a year, and was needing to learn about running a nonprofit and writing grants.  I attended just about every workshop that the Center held, so that I could run Stable-Spirit as effectively as possible, as well as within all the proper guidelines and rules.  I have said for many years, and continue to say today, that Stable-Spirit is as successful as it is today, because of all the support and learning that I received from the Center. I have become very confident in my grant writing skills, because of all that I have learned from the grant writing workshops through the Center.  I always encourage every nonprofit organization to join the Center, because of all the benefits that
will be obtained from their workshops and excellent leadership.

— Katie Durio 
Executive Director of Stable-Spirit

SETX Nonprofit Conference

Experience more. Create new, exciting opportunities with us and educate Southeast Texas on your mission.

The nonprofit conference is an exciting biennial event built to inform entertain, educate and motivate all aspects and affiliates of nonprofits.

With guest lecturers, keynote speakers and invaluable workshops, you’ll learn a wealth of information to help your nonprofit organization. Plus, get tips, advice, learn trends, and network with like-minded individuals and groups. Go Now to learn more.